CamHandy Dashcam

CamHandy DashcamDrive Safer Than Ever!

Are you worried about other people driving especially in the winter, rain or other bad road conditions? With CamHandy Dashcam you don’t have to be. Be able to protect yourself from bad drivers. Also, protect yourself from any theift! The motion sensor dash cam will be your savior with the police or your insurance. Show them the video and all their questions can be answered along with any of yours. You will wonder why you didn’t think about getting one sooner! Get the latest and best technology to help protect yourself with CamHandy Rear View DVR!

When you are in your car, you can expect the unexpected. Accidents can happen at any time even to the best of drivers or even to self-driving vehicles. Which is why CamHandy Dashcam is a great investment. It is easy and quick to install or uninstall. Have constant surveillance in and around your vehicle. Always have proof that is easy and quick to assess to dispute any accidents to save yourself thousands. Feel safer when you or your children drive! They are becoming ever more popular since they have saved people from having to pay, make insurance pay instead! Click on the image below to find out more and try one out for FREE!

CamHandy Dashcam Cost

How CamHandy Dashcam Works

CamHandy Rear View DVR has a wide field of view reduces the blind spots and captures more details, even more than your eyes can see. Its 1080P HD Car Dash Camera comes with 3 inches high-definition screen and full HD 1080P resolution for better play back and viewing. HD camera delivers clear videos with inventive qualities even in back-light or low-light conditions. Also, the High resolution makes sure that you can see clearly and records every second. When the memory card is full the system will automatically start looping the video, so you never lose the latest video. Tap on an image now to order CamHandy Dash Camera!


The dash cam works with any vehicle, including cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, uber and more. Below are some of the key features of the CamHandy Dash Camera.

  • Easy Attachment to Car
  • Night Vision
  • Faster Insurance Payouts
  • Less Driving Accidents
  • Automatically Records Both Video and Audio
  • High Resolution LCD Screen
  • Easy Set up
  • 1080P HD Recording
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Cyclic Rec
  • Wide Angle View

To find out about the features and to see what other great features it has you can read the CamHandy Dashcam Reviews. Also, for a limited time you can try it out for free if you pay shipping and handling.

CamHandy Dashcam Price

The Cam Handy Dash cam cost can vary depending on supply and demand. However, they are offering a crazy deal where you only have to pay $6.50 to try it out and see if you like it. The offer won’t last long. Each one comes with the dash camera, car charger, suctions mount, user manual, and a micro USB cable. Protect yourself from people that don’t know how to drive, barely passed their test, or are distracted by other things in their vehicle. Don’t just hope that people are safe drivers.

Where to get CamHandy Dashcam

This discount is valid for a limited time only and quantities are limited. Click on the image in the text to order now and be directed to the company’s website to place your order. Also, you can save more on the 1080P HD Car Dash Camera cost if you order more than one. Buy some for friends and family to better protect them as well. Put them in all your vehicle to make sure that your whole family is protected and driving like they should. Be able to see where your kids go. If you’re not satisfied, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also, be able to defend yourself in a car accident. Order before they are gone!